Marry Me: Mikey Powell

Photo Cred: 24 Seven Lax/Lax All Stars

This one is sure to be a repeat, and it’s a long time coming. Mikey. Powell.

He is the ultimate lax crush, the one you have before you even know about the new people, and he is in the Marry Me column this week because he has at once raised my hopes and broken my heart. This week, after a spectacular double showing at the LXM 610 and 702 showcases, MP entered THEN WITHDREW his name from the MLL player pool.

Exactly, Liz Lemon. Exactly.

I just…can’t. I am so torn between loving the fact that (even though he must sometimes feel incredible pressure to come back to the sport that offers him a crazily loyal fanbase) Powell still chooses to be a very talented musician and the fact that I WANT TO SEE HIM PLAY SO BAD. Having him back in the MLL would be so awesome, if only because that eyeblack he was rocking at LXM 610 was insanity. In a very good way.

Photo Cred: LaxAllStars

But seriously, he can still break ankles, and (even though it’s sweet seeing him play with one of my personal faves Kyle Harrison) it would be pretty sweet to get him on the same field as these MLL all-stars, especially with its recent expansion. I really do respect the fact that he has decided to carve his own path, and even in doing so hasn’t completely forgotten his roots. He sat down with Coach Lipkin of Homegrown Lacrosse in Vegas to talk about his background and lax in general.

Great interview, and such a sweet take on sportsmanship and growing up in a blue-collar neighborhood and calls himself a HUGE FAMILY GUY. Ladies and gents, we have a winner. * Professional, serious writer swoon * He also said that he wanted to be remembered in the sport as “someone who played at a different speed than everybody else.” Hm. Looks like everyone else better get their speed up, or (if/when he returns) they’ll be left in the dust.


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