In Case You Guys Didn’t Figure It Out…

Hello everyone! It’s Sammie, or as you might recognize me, Marilyn MonBro! A few things about me, I like things that are funny, shiny and food. I also love lax, music, politics, other sportz and a variety of other things!  You may have come here because you recognize my writing from BroBible, Lacrosse Playground, Under The Bucket, Lax U Nation and a couple of other places. Or you might recognize me from these guys:

If not…thanks for coming anyway! Stay, please! I’ve decided to get a home base for my junk, and this is that place now. Of course I’ll still keep guest-posting since I love those guys, now I write for myself with occasional guest writers of my own! We’re talking lax, boys, girls, funny videos and people, conversations with my parents, music, TV and probably more lax. Also spontaneous dance breaks.

So here is what I would like from you!

#1) Follow me on the Twitter machine. If you don’t already, I’m at @MarilynMonBro. Without Twitter how would you guys know when I almost burn down my apartment cooking bacon? I swear I tweet other things, too, some of which relate to here. So, follow me to find out what they are.

#2) If there’s something you want featured on the site, or you want to write for it or you kind of just want to ask what’s up, email meh at Have music you want posted? Have a funny story? A great flow pic? A question? Really, anything at all. Go ahead and email it. There’s only a 1% chance it’s stupid.

Aaaaaaaand that’s it! Welcome to my internet home, and enjoy the gratuitous flow pics and music.


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