Marry Me: Mark Foster

If “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, better run better run blah blah blah blah” hasn’t permeated your brain to the point of insanity this year….you’ve been living in a cave. Foster the People is, however, better than just “Pumped Up Kicks” and my reasoning is that it’s because of Mark Foster. HERE’S WHY!

At first, my friends saw this and this was their immediate reaction:

Why? Why would my friends have such an opposition to my crush on the lead singer of “Foster the People”, Mark Foster? Because, (unfortunately for Mark Foster), he looks just like my Voldemort. Every person has a Voldemort, a “S/He Who Cannot Be Named”, because their friends will judo chop them if even the name is brought up. That is how much anger and grief this person caused you. Mark Foster is a dead ringer for my Voldemort. You know what, though: Voldemort did not start out being a pain in the ass. I dug Voldy, who had a look my friends lovingly described as “homeless werewolf”. BUT! Mark Foster can sing! Beautiful songs! In which arena, he assuredly has Voldemort beat.

Moving on, Mark Foster. Stay with me. If you ever listen to the lyrics of “Pumped Up Kicks”, you’re like, “WTF. This is horrifying. Am I to believe this poppy, upbeat tune is about a child murderer?” Yah, apparently. But when the Washington Post “Post Pop” (?) Music Blog, “Click Tracks” asked him about it, this is what he said:

I’ve had “Pumped Up Kicks” on my iPod for almost a year and I didn’t even know it was a depressing song until the other day. Is that wrong?

I want all the lyrics I write to be thought provoking, whether [or not] it’s a song I write in character to illustrate a story. But there are different kinds of listeners. Some people just listen to melodies and other people just care about the lyrics. There’s something for both types of people. It’s okay. There’s a lot of songs on the record where there’s a more serious subject matter underneath something joyful.

It reminds me of Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy,” another song about an isolated school kid. But “Jeremy” sounds depressing.

Yeah, can you imagine if I’d written “Pumped Up Kicks” as a ballad? It’d be the most depressing song ever.

He then goes on to mention that he’s so proud of the lyrics that he would read them in a poetry reading. Who says that? People I want to marry, that’s who.

I don’t even think “Pumped Up Kicks” is the best song on that album! TWIST! I know, right? I think it’s “Houdini”. That song has been played on my iTunes so many times, it’s actually embarrassing. But not as many times as a completely unrelated song, Neil Young’s ‘Heart of Gold’, one of my favorite songs of all time. Oh wait, did I say unrelated?


They’ve also covered Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So” and The Strokes’ “Machu Picchu”. Two favorite bands being covered by my future husband’s band? Fate.


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