Guys, Ryan Gosling is Trying to Tell Us Something

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the past couple of months, you’ve seen the “Hey Girl…” Ryan Gosling thing. Usually, it is some clear attack of the sads had by someone who is obsessed with knitting/the library (my personal hell)/feminism. But, I did some detective work and figured out the REAL writer of the “Hey Girl” Gosling meme (as they are called by browsers of the interweb).

At the :18 mark, he admits it: THE WRITER IS GOSLING! GOSLING IS GOSLING, EINHORN IS FINKLE! But I think that with a couple of these new ones that I found, the Goz (as I call him, because we’re close) is trying to tell us Goslingerers (I can come up with a better fan group nickname, give me time) something. Here, take a look:


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