Friends Can Be Funny: I Think There’s Something Wrong with Your Boyfriend

Ah, new love. We all know that magical feeling when we first think that we’ve found that new special someone in our lives and can’t wait to tell our friends. Until they figure something out that we may have missed…

Reese: You guys, I really like Hans! I think this is actually going somewhere this time!

Elena: Hans?

Scarlett: That’s awesome, can we see him? Pull up Facebook.

Rest of group: Yeah! Let’s see him!

Reese: Ugh, ok. Let me find a good picture of him.

[Five minutes later]

Reese: Ok! Here he is, he’s the one on the left.

Scarlett: Kind of a weird outfit. What’s with the khaki getup?

Jackie: …Yeah. Kind of a weird group photo.

Reese: He’s part of this community service thing, the outfits are just part of it. Like the Boy Scouts!

Kaitlin: Are those people all related to him or something? They all look the same. Like all blonde hair, blue eyes.

Reese: No, they’re just all German. He’s really proud of his German heritage.

Scarlett: Wait, what? It’s like a German group?

Reese: Yeah, so?

Scarlett: That all wears khaki uniforms together?

Reese: Yeah…

Scarlett: And are REALLY proud of their German heritage?

Reese: I don’t get it. What’s the big deal?

Scarlett: Can anyone join?

Reese: No, I think you have to be German. It’s kind of cool, it’s actually a really exclusive group. He’s really only in it because of his parents.

Jackie: What do they do?

Reese: It’s mostly learning about being German, but they do go to these camps- what?

(awkward silence)

Scarlett: So if we’re getting this straight here, Hans- once again, his name is HANS- is part of an exclusive German group full of blond-haired, blue-eyed people that goes to CAMPS?

Reese: Yeah- wait, I don’t get it. What’s wrong with everyone? Why are you guys so quiet?

Kaitlin: Seriously?

Jackie: Okay, Reese, we love you. But, it’s kind of looking like your boyfriend is….

Scarlett: A ‘rhymes with Yahtzee’.

Reese: A what? Oh no. No. NO.

Elena: If it’s any consolation, your Nazi boyfriend photographs really well.


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