Pat Ruining All of My Productivity

In case you guys don’t know Pat, this is him:

He is the non-McDonald’s employee, has been mentioned on this site before, is in the blogroll (and will demand that if I’m going to write about him that I include his Twitter presence) and will also be writing for this site shortly.

Tonight, I was in a rare state of actually getting work done. This is quite serious for me, since my ADD, love of stupid internet/lax things/singing loudly do not usually allow me to get anything worthwhile done at all. In fact, the event was so momentous that my roommates took a picture. Here is that picture:

PAT however, decides to blow up my spot, giving away the true usage of my computer and books:

…One of these days, Pat. One. Of. These. Days.

(Though now I’m here doing this, so really won this round?)


UPDATE: Spitting cold, hard truth:


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