MonBro’s Word of the Day: Dragons

dragons (n.): a group of people who are entirely undesirable to be around. Examples include: large groups of drunken guidos, everyone at the DMV, (according to some) NARPS at the gym, bachelorette parties, most hipsters, anyone wearing a cowboy hat who is not a cowboy, people dressed (completely unironically) like the cast of Revenge of the Nerds, etc. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Today’s word was inadvertently brought to us by Massholes. You see, several weeks ago, a picture circulated among my Bostonian friends that was a map of the world as seen by a Masshole:

You may have realized that post-Midwest, the Masshole appear to think that there are dragons. So of course, like the well-adjusted human adults that we are, as a group we really latched onto that one, and thusly began using (liberally) the phrase “Here Be Dragons.” A conversation in which that phrase is used can go something like this:


Me: Where are you?

Friend: We went to RandomPerson’s party.

Me: How is it?

Friend: No, don’t come. We’re leaving now. Here be dragons.


So to conclude:

Avoid the dragons. Do it for the kids.



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