Home for The Holidays: Textual Relations

The holidays can be a stressful time. Traveling, shopping for people that you love but are serial returners, awkward small talk with relatives who ask you the same three questions, holiday sweaters, overeating, overdrinking, over hyped hometown returns, and of course, holiday sweaters. I know I said it twice, but in my house they’ve reached a point where they light up. It’s not great. But of course, the most eventful part of the holiday for our age is the texts from hometown heros, since everyone’s back where we came from. To illustrate how those conversations usually go, I’ve made this collage.

Two Days Before Christmas, I finally make the journey home. That day, I receive text from unknown number:

“Hey wuts up? You home? ;)”

I have no idea who it is. Text back, “Hi! Sorry, new phone, who is this?” Recieve response: “Lol –

(LOL is never a good start)

“- It’s Mike.” Oh god. They’re all Mike. That didn’t narrow it down at all. Wait to see if there’s a follow-up.

New text: “We had French together in HS? I’m Lee’s friend. Can’t believe you don’t remember!”

Racking brain. Vague memory of blobbish person who is a friend of a friend. Realize I should respond.

Me: “Hahaa sorry! Mike! Of course! French class! Lee’s friend! I remember! (I don’t) What’s up?”

Mike: “Nm, heading to a party tonight. Wanna come?”

Me: “Possibly… who’s going?”

Mike: “Idk lol I think it’s mostly guys but it’d be cool if you came. Always good to have a girl lol.”


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  1. Guys should never LOL. Wonder how many LOL’s “Mike” is going to get when reading this blog…

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