Marry Me: Hey Girl, It’s Ryan Gosling

You all saw this one coming. This week’s Marry Me is not only an absolutely excellent guy in every way (If he’s a bird, I’m a bird), BUT this one is Christmas themed!

The favorite guy of all women everywhere, Gosling and his girlfriend (for now…) Eva Mendez  (blah blah blah also Jim Carrey), appeared in a Funny or Die video in the Drunk History series. Gosling is, of course, in my heart and mind because of the craze that is writing “Hey Girl…blah blah blah I love you knitting and cats too” on pictures of him. He is also a serious champion of Marry, F***, Kill, since in our tournament this week, he was chosen as “Marry” in almost every single round. He only lost once, to Joseph Gordon Levitt, which really couldn’t be helped.

BUT! He is notable this week for his turn on the Drunk History series, playing a FOINE “guy from that Night Before Christmas poem”. These drunk histories are my favorite because if you’ve ever had a friend try to recount an event while intoxicated, this is exactly how they sound. And what better time to be recounting events drunkenly than during the holidays? So basically, what I’m saying is: Hey girl, you should watch this video.


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