Music Mania: I.D.G.A.F.O.S.

Fun fact: the lovely chap I went to my senior prom with was British. At the time, dubstep was HUGE there, and he played it all the time. Then, one day after what sounded like one WOMP WOMP WOOOOOMP song (but was actually an entire dubstep album), I told him that even though it was big in England, I didn’t see dubstep catching on here. He disagreed. I HATE that he was right. Except for this song. My friend played it a couple of weeks ago, and I really liked it, then I saw it on 412’s blog, and thought “Hey, maybe there’s something to this dubstep thing after all.” So I listened to another dubstep song and after like 7 WOMPS, I came to the conclusion that it’s going to be a long road for me to like dubstep. A long, womp road. But, here’s to first steps! I.D.G.A.F.O.S. by Dillon Francis:


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