New Years Eve in Fifteen Sentences

Here is every New Years Eve, incredibly oversimplified into 15 sentences.


Drink drink drink drink drink drink drink.


I swear, diet and new gym regimen starts tomorrow and doesn’t stop till I lose 10- wait 15 pounds.

I’m going to read like 5 books a week, seriously.


Where’s my drink?


Your sequin dress is so cute! Where’s it from?


Yes, I WILL have another drink!


Isn’t it funny how we would never go to this place during the year but now that it’s New Years we feel obligated to go here?


Who picked this place?


I don’t care what number this one is, just fill it back up please.


Ew, I hate her date, where did she even find this guy?

I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure he picked this place.


Another one, please.


The gym is going to really suck tomorrow, and all month.


So ready for this year to be over, seriously the time change from 2011 to 2012 is going to make SUCH  a difference.


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