Marry Me: Martin Biron

This post is dedicated to goalie of the victorious New York Rangers, Martin Biron, and his Husky-like eyes. Onward!

I’ll let the words of Thad Castle kick off this post, explaining hockey players:

Well put, Thad. Hockey players are crazy. Crazy like a fox. In the lull between fallball and boxla, hockey is my sport to watch. What am I going to do, watch basketball?! Meh. Prefer hockey.

My last hockey love was almost the entire Chicago Blackhawks team (notably Patricks Kane and Sharp), and this was following last years crush, NYR Brian Boyle although all of those are eclipsed by young Gretzky.

But I also love George Parros, because who doesn’t love George Parros? Have you SEEN his ‘stache? It’s magnificent.

Well move over all of you, because Henrik Lundqvist’s backup is now in town.

So, I did some research, and it turns out that (besides his astonishing blue eyes- seriously, they’re like, translucent, but I digress.) Biron actually has an NHL rule in the books, since he used to wear the number 00, and that is….bad, for some reason. So now, players have to wear numbers between 1 and 98. AND he is the only player to play for all three New York teams (Sabres, Rangers and Islanders)!

I know, right?

Anyway, he would never have caught my attention if not for my creeping through a new album posted by the New York Rangers on Facebook (not looking for Boyle…) and found these gems from before and during the Winter Classic. (Which, by the way, looks like so. much. fun. Has anyone been? Is it really that awesome? Tell me. Now.)

As the French say, “Adorable.”

This has inspired me to strap on skates and hit the rink again. Eventually.

PS: Awkward, he’s totally married. Dare to dream.

OMG he has 4 kids.

Honorable Mentions:

Dan Girardi

Brandon Prust

Ryan Callahan

Brian Boyle

…and Dan Girardi again.

…and Patricks Sharp and Kane from the Chicago Blackhawks. I can’t help it.


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