MonBro’s Word of the Day: ForTheGirls

ForTheGirls (n.): a night or event in which your particular group of ladies is dressed to impress, dancing, signaled by sparkly dresses/accessories, high heels, etc. Synonym: Fancy-Night. Antonym: Boys-Night

I know that technically for all of you grammar nazis out there, this is a sentence fragment. But it has become so overused by the ladies I associate myself with that it has become a one word battle cry.

It all started with a rash of “Boys Nights” that struck our group like a plague. Suddenly, every guy was more interested in passing out on the floor with their bros from home than hanging out with girls. Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaat. So, to counteract this disturbing trend, we created “ForTheGirls Nights”. These nights were originally called “Fancy Night”, following the success of the Drake song.

For these nights to work, extra effort is put into appearances. Also, these are not to be confused with ladies nights. There is no “no boys allowed” mentality. We’re not in a treehouse pulling a ladder up if we see a cootie-ridden member of the opposite sex. (Of course, are we to run into a dragon, then it is suddenly a girls-only night)

DISCLAIMER: No one is is trying to/should discourage boys nights. We much prefer you do those things with your friends. Please: ForTheGirls, do your thing ForTheBoys.


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