What the What Happened with Kanye Yesterday?!

So last night, Kanye West went on a Twitter rampage that had everyone…atwitter.

At first, I was like “Oh, cool, Kanye’s tweeting again! Good for him!”

Then that turned into, “Hmm…kind of tweeting a lot. Is he talking about his childhood now? Pills? What pills?! Do not do that, Kanye. Where is this going?”

It turns out he’s in London, so he was tweeting all of this at like 4 am. No judgement but…still.

Suddenly, people started totally caring, since their entire Twitter timelines were going H.A.M with Yeezy tweetz:

Then it became, “He’s starting a company that’s going to do what?” That wasn’t like a “YOU’RE GOING TO DO WHAT?!”. I literally have no idea what he was saying.

Kanye even has an idea of the kind of people he needs on board for this “company”:

Good to know.

The company’s name is Donda (after his late mother), and it will apparently do everything. And he means everything:

He had me right until the last tweet. It would appear that instead of creating a company, Yee is trying to reboot society. Maybe we keep an eye on this one.

But the tweets about his mom made my heart melt. He clearly misses her, and sad thoughts like that usually hit you around in those early morning hours. Major sads attack.

Eventually, he petered out, talking about how he and Spike Jonze are starting a summer school program (which makes total sense, because if we know Jonze from anything, it’s Where the Wild Things Are and his firm stance on education. What?!) that tries out a new curriculum in which kids are not required to take math if they aren’t interested and promotes iPhone use in class (You have my attention…)

This is essentially how it ended. My thoughts on this whole tweet jamboree were best summed up by model Chrissy Teigen:

Word, Chrissy. Word.

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