Marry Me: Josh Romney

I will not be voting in the Republican primaries, but my vote goes to Josh Romney, the third of the sons Romney.

If these guys had any creativity, they could seriously challenge the Huntsman daughters (and that’s saying something, because I actually love the Hunstman ladies in a borderline creepy way). All of the Romney brothers are attractive, but sometimes we have to make tough decisions, so Josh comes out on top (although I do love the name Tag). It’s a bummer that they’re all married with kids (from the looks of it, Josh’s kids are almost my age, so we’re rapidly entering creep territory, but I’m pressing on), but what are you going to do? Also, they’re Mormons, which begs the question: do they seriously not drink coffee? That would be such an incredible dealbreaker, it’s not even funny.

Oh my, according to Buzzfeed, they all have MySpace pages. That is so adorable I can’t even handle it. It also shows that they are so very old. Born in 1975? That’s actually dangerously close to my parents’ age. Dope.

Let’s wrap this up. Regardless of your politics, everyone has to concede that any guy that can create sons that all look like they should be the official spokespeople for Vineyard Vines/Land’s End is doing something right.

Runner-Up: Craig. His cheekbones could cut glass, and he’s the youngest. What? He has 2 kids?! Forget it. Just forget it.

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