Marry Me: Chandler Parsons

I was going to let the blog go a little bit this week, citing “culture shock” in England, but then someone called me out when he found out I had managed to find “The Big Bang Theory” on British TV, instead of deciding my next possible life partner. SO! BACK TO BUSINESS!

This week, Chandler Parsons managed a completely embarrassing dunk on Washington Wizard JaVale McGee. I do not follow basketball even a tiny bit, despite the fact that one of my best friends is the biggest Celtics fan on the planet. When I’m demanding that everyone watch Bray Malphrus interviews, she’s saying something about Kevin Garnett (he’s still on the team, right? I know that Shaq isn’t playing, so I have that going for me…so that’s nice). Parsons played for the Florida Gators (Home of GYM TAN LAX!), which is where he first caught my eye when he answered the questions thrown at him by reporters following the BYU “sex” scandal”.



Deftly maneuvered, Flowbi Wan. Sweet hair, roughly eleventy feet tall, and played in France during the beginning of the lockout (which hopefully means he picked up some francais!). All winning. Also: he kind of looks like young Andrew McCarthy, right?!


Chyeah. Two tickets to the gun show, thanks.



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