Marry Me: John Brugal and Francis Ellis

The entire lax world has seen the video by now, but I’m about to go ahead and take a bold stance on it: I loved it. I really did.

First of all: The boys in it are adorable, and they wrote and directed it themselves. How can you not love two Harvard boys who are able to make fun of the sport they play? We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, which is why I leave pictures of myself tagged from Christmas parties.

Everyone was trying to figure out how to make this video, since the “Shit Other People Say” trend isn’t dying anytime soon. When I was first sent it (by, I kid you not, my father) I was a little aprehensive.

But, surprise of my life: I really liked it. I loved the comparisons between Long Island/MD and Israel/Palestine. Loved “You from Darien? No, no no, Greenwich.” Loved the random singing. The boys’ highlights:

John: LI/MD comparison, Rabil being a Pisces, “You wanna have a catch? Oh you don’t have a stick? Yeah, I knew that. I was just flirting with you.”, and fixing his flow. I sent this video to a friend and she sent me back “I love his hair. I just want to touch it.” And that is why she and I are friends. Same wavelength.

Francis: Francis just shut the game down with his Quint line. That had me LITERALLY laughing out loud, and I watched just that part over and over again. It was brilliant, succinct, and exactly what everyone is thinking. A jewel. Other Francis highlights were him fiddling with his pocket, talking about “high to low” and sake bombing with alums.


So there you have it. I loved “Shit Lacrosse Players Say”.


PS: If my sources are correct, one is from Manhassett?! Holla at ya (Great Neck born) girl.


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