Why Stonehenge is the Kim Kardashian of Tourist Attractions

So far, I love being in England. It’s great being in a new city that isn’t New York, and everything gets me out of my comfort zone, which I love. Ask me about it! I seriously love it here! BUT this past weekend I went to Stonehenge. Apparently, you HAVE to go, and you HAVE to say it’s the most breathtaking thing you’ve ever seen. So are you all ready? Ready for the full Stonehenge experience? Here it is:

That is Stonehenge. It is a pile of rocks. So, I made the observation to my group that Stonehenge is the Kim Kardashian of tourist attractions. Of course, I was asked to back that statement up. So I did:

1) No One Is Quite Sure Why It’s Famous

Our driver told us that Stonehenge is neither the oldest or biggest rock formation thing. It’s just the most famous. Oh, then that TOTALLY makes sense as to why we’re here staring at it. Also, the purpose? A mystery. A clock? Burial? Burial of a clock? No idea.

2) People LOVE Taking Pictures of It

Most people were having the time of their LIVES in front of this thing. They could not stop taking pictures from every single angle in front it it. Cameras everywhere. Sound familiar?

3) It’s Beautiful…Because It’s Been “Reconstructed”

So the whole point of Stonehenge is that I guess it was built by either Druids or aliens, depending on who you ask. If the person that you ask, however, is wearing a tin foil hat (hint: the alien people), then maybe take that version with a grain of salt. So it’s ancient. That is actually cool. But WAIT: it kind of completely fell apart (since it’s a million billion years old). Also people keep messing with it, and OBVIOUSLY they had to build a parking lot, because how else are all of those lovely tourists going to keep coming in by the busload if there’s nowhere to park the vans?! So, Stonehenge is old…ish. The idea is old, some of the rocks new? Basically, it was made sexier so that people would want to spend their money to look at it. Hmm…

So, thanks to the Druids (aliens) we now have this giant rock pile that is beautiful and intensely annoying. Since they didn’t write anything down and it’s a damned pile of rocks we may never have any idea what it’s for, but there is one thing we do know: People actually went into that gift shop and bought pens and commemorative stamps that said “Stonehenge Rocks”.


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