Slow Jammy Jam: Shadow Days

I was a freshman in college right around the time that John Mayer went batshit insane and lost his mind, telling everyone in the media every single detail of his sex life and beyond. Even among close friends, there comes a time when that kind of oversharing becomes uncomfortable and suddenly one of you has to yell, “Oh my god, whateveryourfriendsnameis. THIS ISN’T SEX AND THE CITY. WE HAVE OTHER THINGS GOING ON. WE. DON’T. CARE.” Fortunately, that time eventually came for John Mayer, and he kind of faded into the distance. Did this complete breakdown make me stop listening to his music? No. His cover of my absolute favorite song of all time, “Free Falling” haunts me. So I was actually so happy to see that he’s been using this break from being the most famous jerk in existence to make beautiful music. This is just one of those songs that makes me want to be slow dancing barefoot with someone. That’s so weird, but it’s totally true. Anyway, I really do hope his shadow days are over and he goes back to writing songs that are soulful and metaphors for my life.


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