Marry Me: Dave Franco

Photo Cred: Complex Magazine and Jezebel

I don’t know if any of you watched Scrubs until the bitter end like I unfortunately did, but I swear I had a very good reason: Dave Franco. He played Cole, an entitled jerk doctor blah blah blah he was gorgeous. It’s a crying shame this boy is not more famous, since he is after all the brother of chronic overachiever James Franco.

I mean, can someone figure out what’s in these genes?! This doesn’t even seem fair. Anyway, Franco the Younger is breaking out on his own, starring in 21 Jump Street and as one of the faces of GQ’s first ever Style Bible. Do you have any idea how hard it must be to stand around in GQ next to John Slattery and be the hotter one?

It’s nearly impossible, but he manages to pull it off. He can rock scrubs, suits, hoodies and the movie version of shapeless high school gym clothes (cameo in Superbad, don’t think I didn’t notice).

A rare talent in someone with a rare smile. Marry Me, Dave Franco.



From the excellent, excellent Chase: Dave Franco doing the dirty…with himself.


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