Marry Me: Jon Hamm

Find someone who doesn’t love Jon Hamm. He is Don Draper, the adorable handless doctor from 30 Rock, the most accurate possible portrayal of an evil FWB in Bridesmaids, this list goes on. And just when you think you can’t love him anymore, he goes ahead and says this:

Tell me that you didn’t read about Kim K’s divorce and think that exact phrase to yourself.

But SOMEHOW, this story managed to get better. KK fired back, saying that blah blah blah she runs a lot of businesses (that are run on Ryan Seacrest’s hair product and the crushed dreams of camera crews and television producers who came to Hollywood only to have their souls sucked into the Kardashian franchise) and that doesn’t seem idiotic. Kim, you beautiful tropical fish: there are plenty of idiots who run businesses. Ask ANYONE in charge of customer service in the UK. Ask the guy who wrote the Goldman Sachs letter.

THEN, Hamm has to defend his comments on the Today Show this morning. What my beloved Today Show should have done was hold him and his handsomeness for ransom until they finally air newMad Men episodes, but they asked him about his Kardashian Komments (see what I did there?) instead. He responded:

I don’t think they [the comments] were careless. I think they were accurate.

IS THAT NOT THE MOST DON DRAPER WAY POSSIBLE TO RESPOND TO THIS?! Shut down the game, Jon Hamm has won. At life.

(I would just like to state for the record that I think Jon Hamm and Scott Disick would get along famously. Don’t give up on the whole Kardashian Klan, Hamm!)

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