Lax Fight Club: Hardshells v. Tar Heels

Chyeah. My heart is still broken over the Hoos’ loss to Hopkins, but except for John Grant Jr’s sick hat trick goal, this week’s biggest highlight was the bench-clearing brawl at the UNC-UMD game. McBride had thrown a couple of cheap shots early in the game according to Tom Peace, and the Hardshells decided they weren’t going to take it anymore in the 4th quarter, when Kevin Cooper and McBride went AT it.

I’ve stated my love for hockey fights before, and the NLL has seen its fair share of fisticuffs, but this was…different. Is fighting in an NCAA game a bad look for the sport? Yes. But, it’s human nature to be interested in the fight, just like it was human nature for both teams to jump in right away to protect their house (Maryland reference! Self-five!).

I’m not celebrating bad sportsmanship, I’m saying that these two were so passionate about the game and its events that they actually came to blows over it! (Plus, what girl doesn’t want two guys fighting over her? Yes, today it was a fight about unfair checking, but if you’re a chick who doesn’t dream about that- do you smell that? It smells like smoke. Oh wait, your pants are on fire. Because you’re a liar.) Check out what happened over at The Big Lead (damn you UK interweb, can’t embed it meself).

So, in conclusion: these boys seem lovely and both are strong players who can hopefully keep out of the penalty box when they meet again. Violence isn’t the answer! (Unless you’re doing a crossword puzzle with the clue “8 letter word for behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.” Violence is the answer for that.)

(h/t My babes at Lacrosse Playground (Hardshells 4 Lyfe) for their coverage of the game for a lass overseas)

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