Marry Me: Zach Palmer

Let’s keep it short, let’s keep it sweet. Hopkins’ #45, being cool, collected, Canadian. 412 and LPG were so right, he just put it to the back of the net like it wasn’t even a thing! Oh, did I just swing that around a defender and a goalie? Yawn. Video below!

The land of Beiber and Tim Hortons gave us this shining example of shooting skills, and I love it! (I’ve been in England for a while so any North American stereotypes are amazing and lovely to me. Especially anything about coffee.) Cool plays like this are what make the sport so fun to watch! Behind the back last year versus UMD, one-handed this year, and did you SEE his eyeblack for it?!

Starter since freshman year, making crazy goals left and right, this guy is in it to win it. And he’s a junior?! We get another year of this?

PS: Does anyone recognize how easily this week’s Marry Me could have been a Stanwick? Palmer, you sly fox. I love it.

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