MonBRO’s Word of the Day: Birch

Birch (n.): Someone awesome, the best kind of person. Term of endearment.

Today’s word is yet another product of autocorrect. My roommate freshman year of college once spent an entire night going through the different autocorrect for each curse word. Meaning to text “bitch”, she got “birch”. It became a “thing” among my amigos, and here I am to share it with you all. A “birch” is a person you really like, this term is NOT TO BE USED AS A DISS. I can’t overstate this enough. For example, you say “Birch, you better be going out tonight!”. You do NOT say, “She is being such a birch today, what is her problem?” Take the word and own it. Your best ladies are your birches. Guys can be birches, too, but only the best ones. There are other words for bad guys…

So to recap: Birches are excellent, amazing people who get stuff done. You go out with them, you live with them, you cheer em on. The whole shebang. Sometimes , they can be Bitches:


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