Marry Me: Chris Kreider

Yes, I will be doing this as long as the Rangers keep winning (after they lose, at this point, with the Blackhawks and Penguins gone, I’ll completely lose interest and be back to lax all day). I have never once in my life been so jazzed for hockey playoff season. Not one time. But this? This is magic. The Rangers forcing game 7 even with Chris Neil being an absolute pain (literally…sorry, Boyle) was excellent, as the highlights tell me. I can’t WAIT to get back to the states to see them take it all on an actual TV. Sidenote: please make it that far. It’s only a couple of weeks, guys.

So the big question here is Kreider. Why pick him when there were so many notables? Obviously, Lundqvist is an option because a) he’s stunningly attractive and b) his freakout at the refs about goalie interference was earthquake-like. Rawr. LUNDQVIST ANGRY. LUNDQVIST HAVE CONSPIRACY THEORY ABOUT SENATORS. Hang tight, guy. I like you, I do, and I watched that clip like 7 times. I’m no hockey expert (I’m intermediate if we’re being crazy generous), but I do think there was interference. But do I think that call was made to purposefully keep the Senators in the game? …No. Save the ref rage for the Senators in Game 7, hon.


Another possible choice for this week’s Marry Me is Michael Del Zotto, who came out of thin air to finally lay the smack down on Chris Neil. Neil, you are the worst. Sorry about the scary headshot, though. Kind of. (I mean, swearing revenge after a revenge hit (over a hit that concussed a guy) is not the most class move). But, even that massive hit was not enough to make Del Zotto this week’s Marry Me.



So why Kreider? Oh, I don’t know. Scoring his first professional goal fresh out of a Frozen Four championship with one minute left to keep the Rangers in the playoffs? Eh, whatever. That’s not THE GREATEST THING EVER. OH WAIT, YES IT IS. And he’s in New York. And he’s a fox. And we went to BC…a school that just won the NCAA championship.

Gosh, I’ll be honest you guys, I don’t think I really have a chance with this one. Half of my “Marry Me”s have actually been married and I think there’s more of a chance with them than Chris Kreider at this moment. I met a BC former “hawkey” player this past weekend (“You know, I played another sport, too.” “Lacrosse?” “HOW’D YOU KNOW?” C’mon guy. It’s my job to know.) and all I can say is, this: If this birch knows what’s good for him, the next couple of days he should be making Patrick Kane look like a character from The Big Bang Theory.

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