More Bad Babe Advice

Fun response to my advice from last time, so here’s more. And keep in mind when reading it: I frequently can’t find my shoes and most of my cooking involves bacon and steak. I’m a heart attack waiting to happen. So please take this with a grain of salt.Even I don’t listen to half of these things…

– The people who will be your friends forever are the ones who tell you that you look SO much hotter than that other girl your ex is with, even with you’re covered in tears and snot and your hair looks like you were recently shot out of a cannon.

-Your best friends are also the ones that come up with elaborate ways to jump out from behind things and scare the bejeezus out of you.

Coffee is a hell of a drug. Limit your intake (like I’ve been meaning to) or you’ll lie awake at night planning elaborate ways to kill your roommates for breathing too loudly. Trust me.

– You know who’s too cool for Adele? No one. No one is too cool for Adele.

– There’s salacious storytelling, and then there are stories that will make your friends want to throw themselves out of a window because they can’t get that story out of their mind. Keep some things only in the inner monologue. (But not hilarious things, we want to hear those, DUH)

Smile when you’re working out. This sounds weird, but people actually notice and it lifts your mood too. Great playlists = great workouts.

Courtesy of the 412

Have a batshizz crazy friend. Trust me on this one. They are the most fun/dangerous, and they make you look responsible by comparison.

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