MonBro’s Dictionary: Mentalist


mentalist (n.): Weirdo. Stone cold weirdo. EX: Look at that mentalist over there, I imagine that nude tai-chi routine in the park is going to get him some…ah, yes, the police have arrived.

In England, I have actually met some British people. GASP! SHOCK! I know! It’s not just American college students that migrate from European city to European city! Working with British people on a TV shoot is a rare experience, because you get some very quote-worthy moments. For example, I had no idea who Ben Fogle was, which made my new British chums incredibly upset, because he is (according to them) England’s Bear Grylls (even though he’s already British…) mixed with Ryan Seacrest.



Rawr. That is him. Needless to say, sad that it took me this long to find out who he was. But what REALLY makes British peers upset was when they learned I’d never had Hula Hoops before. When I asked what they were, my lovely co-worker screamed, “DON’T F**K AROUND. OF COURSE YOU KNOW WHAT HULA HOOPS ARE.” They are chips, er crisps, that can be worn on the fingers thusly:

They are the Bugles of England. But the most valuable thing I learned from my newfound mates was the word Mentalist, as uttered by M, a fellow production assistant. We were watching the fence next to a statue of Queen Victoria in Hyde Park early in the morning and M goes, “Check that mentalist over there.” A male person (possibly) in a full green and black spandex suit was doing what can only be described as a mashup of pole-dancing and tai chi on the park’s fence, right in front of the palace. I have yet to see a more weird display of park exercise. We were mesmerized. ‘Mentalist’, M explained, is someone who doesn’t just let their freak flag fly but is waving it around in front of everyone’s faces wearing a sequin unitard blowing a rhinestone-studded whistle.All you college kids are seeing a couple of “mentalists” running around your Spring Weekends and Slope Days. AVOID AVOID AVOID.


Cheers, M! Thanks for the snappy new word!

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