Monday Morning MonBRO: Brit Week, Birches

It’s my last week in London until July, so to celebrate, all posts this week are British-theme. Jammy Jams will be Briths, the Marry Me will be a Brit (not Daniel Craig or a royal unless they do something awesome) and Bad Birch Advice has some travel tips for London! (Take with a cube of sugar, chums). But what happened this weekend? Ch-ch-Check It Out!

Adam Yauch a.k.a MCA of the Beastie Boys died at 47. “Hey Ladies” and and “Brass Monkey” are two of my favorite songs ever, and if you don’t like the video for “Fight For Your Right (To Party)”, then I DON’T LIKE YOU. RIP MCA.

Loyola is seeded #1 in the NCAA tournament. Mazel tov, Greyhounds.

This phenomenal goal may have something to do with that….

Fairfield Prep beat previously undefeated Chaminade! CT POWER, BIRCHES.

Cuse dominated the Big East Championship.

Justin Beiber was part of Floyd Mayweather’s entourage. Why.

Who says Cambridge kids don’t know how to party? Caesarian Sunday gone awry…Looks a combination of awesome and terrifying.

Study shows that chocolate, red wine, nuts and cheese will help you lose weight. Kewl.

Speaking of ‘kewl’, how funny was Eli Manning on SNL? So funny, right?


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