Marry Me: Brad from the Fosters Ads

Fun fact: even though Fosters’ tagline is “Australian for Beer”, it’s brewed in the UK. This is also the only place where those ads run. And where I fell in love.



These excellent ads feature an Australian duo named Brad and Dan who receive calls from their beach shanty and dispense advice to lorn Brits. They are featured usually barbecuing sausages, tossing a rugby ball back and forth and generally lounging in their Hawaiian shirts (are they still Hawaiian shirts in Australia? Do they call them something else?) as they act as “agony uncles” to those who call.


Both are lovely, but the one who wins my marriage bid is the piercingly-blue eyed Brad, who caught my attention when he was stuck at a British tea party and demanded to know why none of the sandwiches had any meat in them, despite the party providing Foster’s Gold. Accent + Meat lover + tanned, blue eyed…I’m descending into madness.

I do not even notice and especially don’t miss commercials, (and in true girly fashion, I’d rather sip cider than a Fosters) but I’m going to miss these guys. Brad, call me maybe?

Hoo roo!



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