Twitter Fun: LaxGFProblems

First things first: Last year, I lent my pictures to my loves at GYM TAN LAX. Those pictures are of me, and if they ask me to do it again I will 1000% do it. Sometimes, though, people find these pictures and use them for their own…creative endeavors.

The latest? @LaxGFProblems, an account dedicated to the problems and tribulations of the girlfriends of lacrosse players. Cool beans. Good stuff.

I received the alert from the babes at Under The Bucket, who saw my pic being misappropriated and informed me thusly:

I HAD to jump over and check it out for myself. OH GAHD, IT’S TRUE! I AM THE FACE (torso, I guess…semantics) OF LAX GIRLFRIENDS. Great. Super. As far as I can tell, this chick is 1) a lax girlfriend 2) straight up HOSTILE to baseball players/girlfriends. I’m the image of such gems as:

These really just seem to be “girlfriend” problems. But my message on these is this: CLEARLY, this lady is not dating Bray Malphrus. Am I right?

So, clearly it is now some kind of controversy that this picture is of…not the person tweeting:

And all could have been forgiven (since I don’t necessarily disagree with some of what she’s saying, it’s just the principle of the thing) but then she did THIS:

OH. OK THEN. SHE GOT IT FROM GOOGLE. That does make it fair game, but c’mon hon: still me. And I am HAPPY to be your leader. I accept! Let’s wage war on baseball together (for some inexplicable reason) and talk about sandwich making and embraces like a Nicolas Sparks novel! Play me out, Nicki Nicki:

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