Monday Morning MonBro: My Brain is Hanging Upside Down

First off: If I may, it was my mother’s birthday this weekend. I love her so much, she is amazing. She tells me I’m hilarious and I swear that the reason I am the way that I am is because once she saw a picture of Penelope Cruz and said, “I don’t get it, you’re prettier than her.” She was wrong, but that is what makes her the best mom ever. MOVING ON! What happened this weekend?

Starting with the sads:

UVA lost to Notre Dame 10-12.

During the game, there was an unfortunate collision which knocked out ND’s Foley. According to recent reports, he’s recovering and was able to travel back with the team. Cue ignition of the helmet discussion.

Denver also lost, to Loyola. This is also kind of cool though, because it’s Loyola’s first trip to the Finals since 1998. Cool beans.

Robin Gibbs, founder of the BeeGee’s died after a long battle with cancer. I know no one’s saying it, but that’s the second disco great to die in a week. Not good. And if anyone makes a ‘Stayin’ Alive’ joke, John Travolta will come for you.

The Happies:

UMD win! Very kewl. They’re hungry after last year, so expect no mercy.

I was rooting for Duke, completely admitting it. Tons of respect for the Colgate squad, but Coach Danowski rawks, so I stuck with the Blue Devils, and they did right by me. Plus, that means I was able to craft what may have been my GREATEST TWEET OF ALL TIME:

While Coach Bellichick presented the Blue Jays with their pre-game speech, Ray Lewis inspired the CRAP out of Loyola, so it was no coincidence they went out there and played like champions. How long until  Lewis’ pregame speeches are legally called performance enhancing drugs?

Salisbury Coach Berkman was presented with a custom lid in honor of his 400th win. Congratulations Coach Berkman!*

Colorado State won over Cal Poly for their 5th MCLA title, with Coach Tumbas and Jac Coyne covering  it live this past weekend from Greenville, SC.

Can someone, anyone please tell me who plays Eric the pharmacist on this week’s Girls?! …My friend wants to know. (Whatever, it’s me. Someone help a gurl out!)

This made me cry, I have no problems admitting it. It’s stories like these that inspire and show that love of the game overrules almost everything.

Final thoughts:

Exciting things a-brewing with my babes at Gym Tan Lax. Coming Soon!

Will I be in Foxboro next weekend? Who knows. Should I? We shall see… Surprises central.

(But one hint about my whereabouts June 1:


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