Monday Morning MonBro…on a Tuesday

Sup birches? If you’re reading this, I assume you survived Memorial Day weekend. Congratulations, the summer has begun. And what a weekend it was, am I right? Upsets and happiness, barbecues and running into people from high school. Let’s get after it, shall we?

Loyola won all the marbles in a stunningly…interesting game. Congrats Loyola! Some highlights:

– Eric Lusby just absolutely destroying Maryland’s defense and setting a new record for goals scored during a tournament, de-throning former Blue Devil Zack Greer. Dayum, Lusby. Write in for the Tewaaraton, much?

– Maryland also set a record…for least amount of goals scored in a championship game (since ‘Cuse scored 3 in the ’80s). Crimeny. That’s not how you want a season to end.

– Not a highlight, but something important: MD’s Jesse Bernhardt has been diagnosed with a concussion following a hit in the 4th quarter. Coach Tillman said he was walking around “under his own power” following the game. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

– Maryland definitely won in the bench celebrations category, though. #MDMoshPit

Yo, Loyola, Imma let you finish, but Duke had the best helmets OF ALL TIME. (Seriously though, those blue matte babies were the dopeness)

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My favorite Quint-ism this weekend: “It’s always important to break the seal.”

Salisbury also won against Cortland to hold their 10th national title. Can’t stop, won’t stop. #D3Champs

Y’all going to the Baltimore Summer Kickoff?


Workaholics is back tonight! You young go hards ready to get weird?

Apparently, Michelle Obama wants to be Beyoncé. Preach, sister. Don’t we all.

My best friend is obsessed with ketchup, so this MIT invention is very exciting to her and diner-goers everywhere.

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