Monday Morning MonBRO: You’re Talking About Shenanigans, Right?

Did we all have good weekends? Good, great grand, excellent. Moving on.

Let’s start off with some sads:

The Jersey Shore people got into a brawl or something. This is sad because I completely forgot this show still existed and was convinced it had ended…but it hasn’t.


Robin Roberts, a super beyond kickass lady, (I had no idea she was in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, you go Robin Roberts!) announced this morning that she was recently diagnosed with MDS, a disease that affects the bone marrow. She says she’s going to beat it and I totally believe her!

The Happys!

Soccer and Lacrosse co-existing on one field (with no football goalposts in sight)?


Lacrosse is one step closer to being in the Olympics! That is crazy cool beans.


The Lizards beat last year’s champs, the Boston Cannons, over the weekend! Keep the streak alive, Lizards!!


Brooks Brothers is the official outfitter of The Great Gatsby. Nothing more needs to be said, because that is amazing and I love it.


British Prime Minister David Cameron left his 8 year old daughter at the pub. There is no better way to put this headline and it is amazing and rolls into one sentence what I love about England: the possibility of leave your child at a bar in the middle of the afternoon is very real. And this is real: the British press are all up on it because he once said that he likes to “chillax”, and now they’re all “HOW’S THAT CHILLAXING GOING?” Can y’all believe that England used to rule almost the entire world?




Speaking of England! I saw “One Man Two Guv’nas” when I lived in London, and now it’s in America and you should all see it because it’s hilarious. Last night, the lead James Corden won a Tony for his performance and made a tear-jerking speech. Watch it if you haven’t cried yet today.


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