Monday Morning MonBRO: Let’s Go Kill Some Birds. I’m Psyched.

This weekend was Father’s Day, and I hope your fathers all received their ties and golf equipment with glee while you thanked them for being your biggest fan. But what else is happening in the world? Who knows! Let’s find out together, shall we?

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A new study says that if you have a chihuahua, you’re hot but dumb. It goes through what your dog says about you to the opposite sex. I hope this study turns out to be nonsense, because I have a fat German Shepherd mix who hates exercise but loves gourmet cheeses. Wait. Oh no…

Quint wrote an open letter to Major League Lacrosse this morning. I read it and…he’s right. GAHHHHH IT BURNS BUT I COMPLETELY AGREE! Unsportsmanlike conduct is bad news in any sport and maybe I’m just sensitive to cussing and worried about concussions like a prissy girl, but I think everyone (not just MLL players) can benefit from taking an extra second to clean up their act. (I will do my part by not swearing like a sailor when I trip over things…sometimes. I’LL TRY.)


The Lizards held off the Machine for the second time this season, winning 16-12. Ba-BOOM!

Meanwhile, the Bayhawks are still in first place, beating Hamilton this weekend 16-15

The Hounds were defeated by the Cannons 16-8

The Outlaws beat the Rattlers 16-12. Looks like 16 was this week’s lucky number for the MLL. Is that weird to anyone else?

Yeah, this whole 50 Shades of Grey thing has gone a bridge too far. So whenever you gents out there are thinking that Brooklyn Decker and her kin are the ones reading this, just think: this is the actual audience of this book. Enjoy. (But seriously: these grandmas are hilarious. My grandmother won’t even read reviews of this book…thankfully.)

A New Jersey club team rocked a highly patriotic kit this weekend, but I would expect nothing less from the state that gave us ‘Born in the USA’* (Plus: the pictures of the little ones killed me a little bit, because I find almost nothing in this world cuter than small children in full lacrosse gear. Hamlet the mini pig is tied with these kids, THAT is how cute they are.)

Adam Sandler recently wore a ‘Hofstra Lacrosse’ shirt on Late Night, which was actually a super cool thing to see as the child of Hofstra alumni. Cool beans alert!

A woman has made it her mission to create a signature sandwich for every state, and Connecticut’s is….chicken parm. What.

Sunpocket sunglasses sound so cool, I can barely talk about it.

Do you want you link featured in ‘Monday Morning MonBRO’? Then let me know, plz. Email me or tell me on the Tweet machine, where I am @MarilynMonbro.

*I was recently told in the most obnoxious way possible that ‘Born in the USA’ is not a patriotic song. But that guy was the worst, so I’ll use it in a patriotic context here because I do what I want and dislike that person IMMENSELY.

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