Monday Morning MonBRO: My Boy’s Wicked Smaht

I spent this past weekend in Bawston celebrating my lovely pal’s birthday. So Happy Birthday Jillian, you beautiful tropical fish, and let’s see what ELSE happened this weekend:

Aaron Sorkin’s newest show The Newsroom premiered this weekend, and I’m already in love with it because I wish I could pull off the long-winded, amazing speeches that he writes in my real life.


According to new studies, beer drinkers are more  likely to have sex on the first date. This study was conducted at ARE YOU SERIOUS? THIS IS SCIENCE?!



-The Hounds of Charlotte defeated the Machine of Ohio 17-16

-The Lizards won 14-8 over the Denver Outlaws (can’t help it, PERSONAL BIAS ALERT, I’M EXCITED ABOUT THIS)

-The Bayhawks triumphed with a 14-13 win over the Cannons.

-Aaaaaand the Rattlers broke a 2 game losing streak winning 17-10 over the Nationals.


The LXM Pro held their game in Coronado, CA this weekend, and Team STX took the win (beating Team Sole 17-14). You can’t beat the weather at these events with a stick, amazing every time.


A Canadian gym has banned thin people from working out in their facility. FINALLY!  GOD FORBID PEOPLE SHOULD BE LET INTO THE GYM WHO ACTUALLY EXERCISE TO THE POINT OF RESULTS.


The world’s ugliest dog is….gross.


Going back to Philly: Summer Slam in Philadelphia looked like quite the tournament this weekend.Do NOT love those scary clouds.


Egypt held their elections this weekend and elected Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood as their new President. Woo!


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