Fall Sports! Fall Sports! Fall Sports!

Summer is coming to a crushing end. I love the beach and rooftop bars and bathing suits and jorts and I BEYOND love flip flops (as if I won’t wear them well into fall), but I also love fall. I love scarves, plaid shirts, crunching leaves, and I LOVE FALL SPORTS! I’m in my last year of being able to enjoy collegiate sports on a leisurely basis, so let’s break down why everyone should love fall sports. FALL SPORTS!




Ugh, this one is so obvious. And I am about to share a deep, dark secret with you all: I care very very little about football. But I do care about tailgates and face painting. My college’s football team is so actively terrible that we are a joke of college sports everywhere, but it is still fun to be at the games. One of my best friends is a rabid football fan, so she drags us to some of the games, and once you’re there, they’re so much fun. Yelling, flasks, face paint, bandanas, and at some point, cheering for your team. I will participate in a good chant for just about anything. (Also: football being back means The League is back, which is amazing and just so great in every way.)



The European Football. Same basic concept except a lot more French/German/British-Australia-English being yelled around. You won’t hear ‘wanker’ being yelled at an American Football game, for instance. These guys have gel in their hair and tiny short shorts. Hi-o, mates! Though generally, if I wanted to watch a buttload of running for a game to end in 0-0, I’d watch the New York Marathon (jokes, that noise is always WAY too early in the morning for this birch).



Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Mein personal favorite. I go to almost every single water polo game in the fall and watch with such intensity that you would think I was scouting them for some kind of pro league. Water polo is so much fun to watch, it’s insane. It’s physical (fights all over the place), high scoring, and THEY’RE WEARING SPEEDOS! Ugh, unreal. If you didn’t watch it during the Olympics, you have no one to blame but yourself because everyone agreed it was the bomb.com. You can ask my friends, I couldn’t possibly love water polo more. (But my friends will also tell you that sitting watching those games makes you feel like you’re in a sauna slowly sweating to death, so beware)



Photo Credit: Lax All Stars, more specifically, the excellent Coach Knox Hutchinson

This technically doesn’t count as a fall sport, but did you REALLY think I was going to leave lacrosse off a sports list? Child please. Fall ball is the best because you get to hang on the sidelines in your cute boots and fall jacket AND those games are generally for charity of some kind. They are a low-pressure way to hone players’ skills and to raise money for great causes. WIN WIN! I LOVE IT!

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