Monday Morning MonBRO: I’m A Monster

This weekend I was turned into an honorary Gator by several UF grads, and indulged in Ferrogosto. I have never been happier in my entire life that I work out. If I didn’t, I would have felt like Jabba the Hut. Forward! Headlines!


First thing, to get it out of the way: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds get married this weekend. Great, grand, excellent, okay.


It was also Fashion Week here in New York, so we’re seeing a sharp downturn in amount of people wearing sweatpants and uggs. At least, out of the house.


Personal hero Lena Dunham (who we also found out this week is dating the guitarist of fun.) chopped off her hair this weekend. Normally I don’t go for the super short lady hair, but she is pulling it off with aplomb. Then, she paired it with a red lip! She’s practically a superhero!


“Oh wow, children’s pole dancing classes! What a great idea!” said No One*. (*Possibly the Lohan mom/parents of Honey Boo Boo)


A Chicago teacher’s strike that began today left 400,000 students without teachers, and thusly out of school. Have these teacher’s MET Mayor Rahm Emmanuel? I would not want to be the people in charge of meeting with him as a result of this strike. Especially since the police department of this historically dangerous city are now “emptying their offices” to watch out for these hundreds of thousands of unsupervised minors. Good luck holding on to your limbs, y’all.


On a happier note: Josh Dionne. I’ve said it before but HOLY GOODNIGHT THE BOY CAN PLAY.


Pre-Gaming with Pat also returned this weekend! I would be lying if I didn’t break out the tank for some pregaming of my own. And by pregaming I mean coffee before class. GET EXCITED! FACE THE DAY! DON’T STAY IN BED EVEN THOUGH IT’S WARM THERE!






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