Monday Morning MonBRO: I Hope the Rest of Your Day is Cool Beans

Hi everyone! Great weekends, right? Despite a head cold from hell, it was still homecoming here and everyone was festooned in maroon. Go Rams. ALSO! It’s a Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah, so L’shana Tova to my Jewish brethren. AND ON TOP OF THAT, it’s my Dad’s birthday. He is very cool beans, literally the best man I know, so no pressure every other one on the planet.


Did everyone see SNL from this past weekend? So very excellent. Seth MacFarlane is a more than adequate Lochte (…but actually. It was…stirring.)

And the Gangnam Style moment was outstanding. (Anonymommy would like me to point out that she loved the puppet sketch, which was also amazing. Let’s get that angry vet puppet on Sesame Street, y’all!)

End Result: Seth MacFarlane’s smile >


Jack Kerouac’s ex, Joyce Johnson, has written a book about the hep cap Beat that debunks the literary rumor that Jack Attack (no one ever called him that) didn’t revise On The Road and wrote part of it on some of Ginsburg’s bog roll. He wrote it like a regular human being. Bummer?


Turns out working is bad for our brains, because it makes us stressed and stress makes the brain shrink. I KNEW it! Ban work! OCCUPY CUBICLES! Anarchy in the USA! Oh wait, rent money? I will pay you in poems and handmade friendship bracelets, sir.


The Chicago Teacher’s Strike enters its second week. Smart move, teachers. Ride this out for as loooooong as possible. No rush to get 400,000+ students in an urban area back to school. Take your time! Picket and refuse to vote! S’all good!


McDonald’s is now adding calorie counts to all of its menus. As someone who has lived in New York for a while, I am calling this as a SUPREMELY COCKY move on Mickey D’s part. In 2010, when the city made every fast food chain display their calories, I don’t think it took down a ton of McDonald’s business. So this is McDonald’s being that guy who says “Don’t fall in love with me, babe” EVEN THOUGH HE KNOWS YOU WILL. Well played, McD. Well played.


BIG HUGE MLL TRADE! The Hounds traded attack Jeremy Boltus (an Army guy and no joke as a player) and a 43rd pick in the darft to the Outlaws for midfielders Peet Poillon and Casey Cittadino. Interesting trade that definitely shows that Charlotte is here to play.


Wait, there’s more! The Hounds also sent Billy Bitter, Kevin Drew and the 11th pick in the collegiate draft to the Rattlers in exchange for Kevin Drew and the 4th and 28th overall selections in the collegiate draft. So right now, the Hounds have 3rd and 4th picks in the first round of the collegiate draft. Woah.


To my father’s chagrin (He’s a proud Pride alum), Hofstra does not have a football team anymore. BUT their lax gear game is very on point. These two-tone masks are indeed the best in the biz. Go Pride! (Or Flying Dutchmen? WHAT ARE THEY.)


Dad would also like to add that the Giants came from behind to win this weekend, and after the game, I noticed this Victor Cruz tweet:

You keep being Victor, you champion. (FUN FACT ABOUT VICTOR CRUZ: That dance that everyone keeps calling his ‘Salsa Dance’? That’s a merengue. Different dance.)

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