Monday Morning Monbro: Jean Ralphio, Dance Up On Me


Fall has begun! The leaves are turning! We’re starting to break out our boots and retire our flip flops! Football! Sweaters! Pumpkin lattes/doughnuts/etc. We’re about a month away from the election, so let’s hit some newsballs. (That makes no sense. MOVING ON!)

The ref lockout didn’t exactly affect me, except in one way: I REALLY wanted to see The League take on this serious and grievous issue that made every guy in my life a grey, sad shell of a man. (Except me dad, because they Giants were still winning and that is all he cares about.)

(BTW: The League is back October 11th: )

Lindsay Lohan got into a fight with someone over him snapping photos of her on his cell phone. Normally, I wouldn’t care because that probably happens about once a week to her, but this guy is a Congressional staffer AND has a very public photo of himself with… PAUL RYAN! WHOOPS!

A woman scared a black bear off her porch. I have no words, except OH MY GOD THAT IS SO BADASS. Once I HEARD a bear when I was walking in Vermont and almost fainted. I didn’t even see the bear. It may not have been a bear.

Paul Ryan said that it would “take too long” to go through the actual math on his new tax plan. That is exactly what I say when I go through my finances with my dad and he asks where all of the money went. This is actually an answer that people could think would get my vote, since I HATE MATH, but I also hate having people treat me like a damn five-year old, so…try again, Ryan.

The Biggest Lacrosse Hits of 2012 is now on a revolving loop on my computer. The only thing that I may have watched more times is Keyboard Cat. As long as everyone gets up and is okay, these hits make me want to listen to the Blue Mountain State theme song and go hit the bag. Proof that laxers are today’s gladiators. RAWR!

(PS: Tell me that’s not the best GIF I’ve ever used. I dare you.)

Reactions to the new NCAA Stick Stringing Regulations. Mixed to say the least. Reminds me of when I started playing and was trying to deepen the pocket  until I was alerted that was not allowed. “Well how am I supposed to keep the ball in the stick?!” “…Cradle.”

Cities are giving up on helmet rules in order to encourage more urban cyclists (especially in bike-sharing programs that are popping up in more and more European cities). If cities are actively TRYING to get MORE cyclists on the road, maybe we should all be wearing helmets.

As a protest against the “Innocence of Muslims” video that has so disrupted the Middle East, Iran shut down Gmail for a week, unblocking the service today. It would have been a shame if everyone had to go back to their old Hotmail addresses. Yay Internet freedom! Take us out, Keyboard Cat!

Reminder: Debates start on Wednesday, y’all! FELLOW POLITICS NERDS: ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?

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