Monday Morning Monbro: I Love You, Too, but I’m Going To Mace You In the Face

Weekends be crazy, am I right? Blah blah sports, blah blah it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season, blah blah I’m suddenly in the market for a Glitzy the Pig costume. Moving on!

If you somehow needed further proof that hockey players be crazy, here is David Booth posing next to a– HOLY MOTHER OF CHRISTMAS WHAT IS THAT THING? HE KILLED IT? WHERE? NARNIA?

Turns out the HPV vaccine won’t lead to more teen sex. In other news: eye roll.

This article is amazing if only for the title, since usually the Lohan Effect is passing out in a hotel room and waking up with mysterious bruises in handcuffs. This is slightly more highbrow! Lohan’s back y’all! (But seriously, get informed, you guys! Only a couple of weeks left! Rock the Vote! No votes are for dopes!)


Kim Kardashian did something this weekend. There’s no link here, because no matter what news site you’re on, you’ll still find out for yourself. Even if you really didn’t want to.


The Navy Lacrosse team saluted WWII veterans as they arrived at BWI airport this weekend. That is so amazing. Truly.


The MTA just unveiled their new fare hikes. So now, instead of the usual “entire month of rent” you USED to spend on your Metrocard, it’s been raised to “first born child”. Hope you weren’t too attached to having any money at all.




The NY Giants won this weekend. We have now exhausted my current football knowledge.


14 year old Pakistani girl Malala Yousufzai, who was shot by the Taliban for trying to attend school, is still in critical condition and is currently being treated in London. Her story is incredible, since she’s been so bravely fighting for something that many American girls (including myself) take for granted every day.

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