Monday Morning Monbro: No Touching!


This week has been nuts for nuts, since it’s almost Halloween and so everything is now revolving around costumes. Let’s just say there have been duct tape dresses, beanies, cat and pig ears and wigs…and we’re still a week and a half out from Halloween. But other things are apparently happening too! Moving on!

Yup. I need these. On a real level though, Nike running leggings are the best in the biz, and these are just too cool to ignore.


Lacrosse in the Netherlands! Tres dope! (I don’t speak Dutch, sadly.)


Adele had a son! Mazel tov! Though this is going to cut into her songwriting…I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m going to listen to some Adele and figure some things out.


For some reason, in today’s news scannings, there came up about seven articles that were really just pictures of “celebrities” without makeup. Does it really make that much of a difference? Are you looking at pictures of Selena Gomez coming out of the gym and thinking, “I KNEW it! Haha, her eyelids aren’t black and sparkly in real life! Her lips aren’t really that red! Foiled, celebrity! We’re on to your tricks! You use makeup to enhance your appearance! It’s all a sham!”


Donald Trump is saying that he’s going to drop a ‘UGE (as he would say) bombshell regarding Obama on Wednesday. Is there any hope left for America that Trump is ever going to go full JD Salinger and silently live in his big house SILENTLY with no talking? That dream has died for us, right?


Here are the Top Five Ways American Culture is making us fat! I mean, I saw a mini-Cinnabon commercial at one point over the weekend, and I’m pretty sure that made me gain 5 pounds through the TV (but seriously, those things are probably the same calorie count as a Fatburger, right?)


Tonight is the final debate, the topic being Foreign Policy! Wooo! Brokaw in Boca! Obama and yo Grandmama! Romney and…his wife and kids, I guess. Let’s not forget to rock the vote (or whatever the fun tagline is this year).


Washington DC has been billed the “most affordable city to live in for the middle class”. Holla, Nation’s Capital! DC chilling! Miami tops the list of “least affordable cities for the middle class”. Someone tell my grandparents, proud residents (who consistently feel the need to tell me that Miami is #1 on another list….Most Tattooed City in America.) This makes some sense, because you really do need a car in Miami, and THE GAS PRICES, GOOD LORD, THE GAS PRICES.

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