Monday Morning MonBRO: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Finally functioning on full power after Sandy, which is more than I can say for my parents and relatives in Connecticut and New York. Let’s let the polls speak for us tomorrow when we get to…gauge responsiveness, shall we say. Speaking of which: tomorrow’s officially Election Day! I’ll be down at Democracy Plaza at 30 Rock, and I hope NYers come by and check it out. Even if you don’t DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!! Let’s move downward, shall we?

Louis CK. Saturday Night Live. I mean… I can’t. “Lincoln” was amazing, the Zog thing was outstanding. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see week after week making people laugh. (I love him very much, but sadly, Louie kind of bums me out)

I actually feel like we’re actually full-on living the last season of The West Wing. Obama = Santos, Romney = Vinick. Stay with me here: The election was running almost neck and neck on the show until a major nuclear disaster and Santos’ response was way more actually emotive than Vinick’s, AND Senator Vinick’s comments in a debate about how totally safe nuclear energy is (Romney…cutting FEMA…) bit him during the final week of campaigning. What I’m getting at here is: I think it’s sake to send stumpers home.

Photo Credit: The geniuses behind

But where oh where to put that last ad money? Who could really use it….OH WAIT! THE RED CROSS! THEY COULD TOTALLY USE THAT MONEY! (Seriously though, you can donate here!)

I’m the first person to roll my eyes at marathon runners (but never in front of my aunts, because they run them and could kick my lazy butt all day without stopping for water), but this is great. People helping people! Men and women for others! (I’m from Jesuit education, sue me.)

Word on the street is that the DC Obama rally featured Clinton’s ’92 theme song “Don’t Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)”. Now I love Rumors just like every other human being should, but Obama, baby, no need to remind us that you’re not Bill Clinton running for a third term. That song brings me back to the good ole’ days when Mike Myers was still Wayne and I was but a wee Babe-raham Lincoln. Let’s try to stay in 2012, shall we?

On a similar note: Is it bad that I’m all about Katy Perry’s election rally dresses? I would buy the ballot one in a hot second.

Apparently there are going to be more Star Wars movies. Widespread sexlessness, there will be. By choice, it is not.

In other Star Wars news, Jabba the Hutt impersonator Rush Limbaugh has apparently taken a swing at Brian Williams after Williams reportedly “criticized Limbaugh for saying that Governor Christie has been too praising of President Obama.” Yeah Limbaugh, someone saying something nice about someone else. I imagine if you tried it, it would look like a scene from Scanners. (Look it up.)

Biden’s hitting the Midwest hard, in a final push. You know what this means, guys: There is a picture in the making of him wearing a cheesehead. WHERE IS IT, INTERNET??

David Beckham might get his own talk show. All respect to Mr. Beckham: talking is the last thing people will tune in to see him do. Trust.

74 schools across America have been selected as 2012 Physical Education Equipment Grant recipients, and will be receiving lacrosse equipment! This is outstanding on so many levels. Kids playing sports makes a huge difference in their lives. Or so I was told by my parents as they pried me out of the house every Saturday for Kiddie Soccer. (Also, I only recently learned that it’s not legally mandatory to enroll your child in that torturous cartoon-killer. Go figure.)

And to round us out, Honey Boo Boo went as a pirate wench for Halloween. When my kids ask me why this person is on whatever version of The Surreal Life, I’m just going to tell them I didn’t have a TV and have no idea. Spare them the pain.


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