Monday Morning Monbro: NOT UP IN HERE.

Ah, Thanksgiving. More on that blessed food/family guilt festival later, but this week is obviously a hectic one. I envision many people complaining about airports, their family, their vegan cousin who points out that they have nothing to eat and they’re FINE with that since Thanksgiving is essentially a killing rampage of epic proportion. But until then, the world is still turning, and there’s still news! I know! Even after the election, we still have things happening!


The American Music Awards happened last night. Some people won awards, I guess, and some people lost them. Bieber was there. Yawn x 10.


Mr. Weiner has decided that the nudists of San Francisco need to be clothed, or else. If you really want to be useful, Weiner, take your fight against public nudity to the gyms of America. SENIOR CITIZENS ARE FAR TOO COMFORTABLE SHOWING THEIR BITS AND PIECES. WHERE IS THEIR PURITAN SHAME?!


Daniel Craig visited British troops in Afghanistan and screened his new movie “Skyfall” for them. Man, he’s amazing. But that brings me to my next (and constant) point: #IdrisElba4Bond


This 9- year old lady QB is sincerely the most badass thing I’ve ever seen on NFL Gameday Morning. Possibly because I never watch NFL Gameday (Morning or Afternoon), and also because when I was a 9-year old girl, I faked asthma to get out of running a mile, and then when they caught me, I believe the mile was 12 minutes long.


Laughter is a natural painkiller, according to science. They also concluded that laughter is 30 times more likely to occur in social situations than alone. Wow, way to go, Science! You cracked it! But what about the hermits? Just the regular painkillers, then?


Science tells who sees faces in objects“. Crazy people. Crazy people see faces in objects.


Taylor Swift is maybe dating Harry Styles of One Direction. Do you guys ever listen to One Direction songs and think “This group went into a studio and recorded this song. They sang this song with full intention that it should be released to the public. Wow.”? Yeah, me neither. I don’t listen to One Direction. I listen to…jazz.




Also on Lacrosse Playground, several signings of letters of intent. That’s the thing about high school boys. I keep getting older, but they stay the same…that got creepy real fast. Congrats to these boys. Not in a weird way.



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