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STX Hits London


Marry Me: Tim Desko (UVA-Cuse Edition!)

Even over in England, I was still able to catch some lax action, if only from the liveblogs, Twitter and UVA’s magical stat-tracker. Can you believe ESPN charges for overseas streaming? I know Quint has nothing to do this, but I somehow still blame him. Moving on, incredible game, start to finish. I am beyond excited that UVA won, and certain people can attest to the fact that I almost had a heart attack following the game from my flat’s kitchen. Impressive highlights, and my favorite from UVA was a breakout performance by hometown hero Ryan Benincasa. Casa CRUSHED the faceoffs, and that had such a huge impact on the game. Faceoffs and GBs win games! Basics! Woo!

Another thing that wins games is goals. Obviously. So, even though he didn’t win, the star of the game (who has been on quite the streak recently) was Cuse’s Tim Desko. I am loathe to put a Cuse player here from this of all games, but I’m feeling generous since the Hoos won and because Desko completely deserves it. Holy moly can that guy shoot. One hand, behind the back, between the legs, it doesn’t matter. If he shoots it, the ball is most likely headed to the back of the net.

Not to mention, he is rocking some serious lettuce. Where was that in your roster pic, Desko?!

I digress. Tim Desko, despite the fact that mighty Orange fell to the Cavaliers, you were my MVP in this “great and historic rivalry” game.

Great, Now I’m Crying

I promised myself this Valentine’s Day I wouldn’t cry, but then I saw this on Buzzfeed and I just could not stop myself from tearing up. Following his 1st place win in the 100 meter at the Missouri Grand Prix, Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers got down on one knee to propose to longtime girlfriend Annie Chandler. Adorable proposal videos and surprise soldier homecomings will make me tear up 11 times out of 10, and with it being Valentine’s Day…my allergies began to act up a little. It’s all this London dust…

So, this guy would HANDS DOWN be this week’s Marry Me if the whole reason behind that honor wasn’t the fact that he proposed in the cutest way possible to his girlfriend. He is beautiful, and clearly madly in love with this girl, so all I have to say is Mazel Tov and Annie Chandler, you are a lucky, lucky betch.



Kewl Beans: Bros vs Hipsters

In my recent vein of posting videos by boys who I think are excellent, here’s a video Pat Stansik made! The general idea is that it highlights (in a hilarious fashion) the age-old conflict between bros and hipsters, who have long been at war. This video was directed by Pat, and his fingerprints are all over it (Bucknell lax hat, Pioneer reversible, gym protein shake bottle thing, Gym Tan Lax tank, etc. As if we wouldn’t notice. C’mon now.) That is so classic Pat, highlighting the important social issues that tear our society apart. He’s like Nelson Mandela but with shark bowls and tank tops.

Unless this video was about the ongoing war between the two groups that will most likely never be resolved, and I missed the whole point. Decide for yourself! Watch it now! After the jump!

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Well I Just Love This: Sh*t Guys Don’t Say

I (do not) secretly love the Sh*t People Say videos, and this one was excellent for a number of reasons. 1) It is (as most of them are) SO TRUE. 2) So hilarious. 3) Who’s the guy?! I’m serious. Someone tell me who he is. HE is standalone excellent.

This video shows the things that guys- excuse me, STRAIGHT guys- never say and was, of course, dead on. Guys DO never ask for directions! They NEVER ask if you want to be be Facebook official! Your dad DIDN’T actually like him! (Hint on that one: Your dad never will like or respect any guy. And he will remember them all. Especially the one who said he taught himself how to play the banjo. Because that is a thing dads do.)


PS: The day that some guy says “Let’s Go Dancing!” will be the day I marry that guy. …Or discover that they also like guys.

Post-Christmas Cheer: The Blackhawks Sing-Along!

My friend’s boyfriend sent her this, since he is an actual fan of the Blackhawks and we are fans of the players (most notably a Mr. Sharp and a Mr. Kane). They are so adorable, but holy goodnight they are horrendous singers. To be fair though… we don’t love them for their singing voices. If this doesn’t melt your heart and make you at least chuckle, you are a grinch to end them all. Czech it out after the jump!

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Kewl Beans: The SNL Joke-Off

New recurring segment! Or it will be when it actually recurs! Basically, this clip has every single thing in it that I love about comedy. Weekend Update is easily my favorite part of SNL, and the combination of Fey and Poehler is my favorite comedy duo of all time. I love me some Liz Lemon and some Leslie Knope but sometimes I just think:

And they all hug at the end, because they’re all actually friends in real life!!! ISN’T THAT JUST SO AWESOME YOU CAN’T STAND IT?!

So, without further ado: The Great SNL joke-off of 2011.

PS: Mmm Seth Meyers for this week’s Marry Me? So possible.