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Marry Me: Hey Girl, It’s Ryan Gosling

You all saw this one coming. This week’s Marry Me is not only an absolutely excellent guy in every way (If he’s a bird, I’m a bird), BUT this one is Christmas themed!

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Marry Me: Mikey Powell

Photo Cred: 24 Seven Lax/Lax All Stars

This one is sure to be a repeat, and it’s a long time coming. Mikey. Powell.

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Marry Me: Bray Malphrus

via @UVAMensLacrosse

My love for UVA men’s lax is legendary. I do love all lax boys and teams, but for some reason, that’s the team who gets my gold star. When Ned Crotty, Paul Rabil, and Max Seibald are trying to make me change my mind, we’ll talk, but right now in NCAA lax they reign supreme. (But seriously others…keep trying to convince me.)

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