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I said a Bang, Bang, Bangity Bang

Bangs. A hot topic of debate, since Zooey Deschanel made them cool again. But now, Nerd McNerdsteins in optometry are whining about them, saying they’re likely to give you a lazy eye. What?


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Twitter Fun: LaxGFProblems

First things first: Last year, I lent my pictures to my loves at GYM TAN LAX. Those pictures are of me, and if they ask me to do it again I will 1000% do it. Sometimes, though, people find these pictures and use them for their own…creative endeavors.

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Youths! The Possum Drinking Game

In New Zealand, the youths of Dunedin have begun to play a drinking game called “Possum”. What is it? Let me tell you?

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Let’s Talk About This Hand Sanitizer Thing

Of course, the buzz of the hour is the fact that kids these days are drinking distilled hand sanitizer because it’s essentially 120 proof alcohol. Kids of the world, meet me after the jump.

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I Think A Little Bohemian Rhapsody, Gentlemen

My dad introduced us as children to Wayne’s World and Queen albums, so I imagine he’s actually pretty pumped that this wasn’t me or any of my siblings:

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Lax Fight Club: Hardshells v. Tar Heels

Chyeah. My heart is still broken over the Hoos’ loss to Hopkins, but except for John Grant Jr’s sick hat trick goal, this week’s biggest highlight was the bench-clearing brawl at the UNC-UMD game. McBride had thrown a couple of cheap shots early in the game according to Tom Peace, and the Hardshells decided they weren’t going to take it anymore in the 4th quarter, when Kevin Cooper and McBride went AT it.

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Twitter Sads.

In reaction to my UVA love following the Cuse game:


Ouch! To which I respond:

Go Hoos.

What the What Happened with Kanye Yesterday?!

So last night, Kanye West went on a Twitter rampage that had everyone…atwitter.

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