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18 is NOT A “Grown Man”, Taylor Swift

While “We Are Never Getting Back Together” is the catchiest song since “Call Me Maybe”, I take huge exception to this quote in Rolling Stone by Taylor Swift: “You can’t kidnap a grown man!” While this is a true, bordering on obvious cops statement, let me put that in context: She was talking about her 18 year old boyfriend, Conor Kennedy. 18. He’s 18 years old. That is in no way a grown man. Take this journey with me…

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Under Where?

For some reason, this week, we’ve been bombarded with news relating to Down Undah. By that I don’t mean Australians (unfortunately), I mean underwear. Pantaloons, briefs, (my least favorite) panties. There are articles all over the place trying to decode what “your underthings mean about you.” This is a much easier secret to unlock than everyone is making it out to be. So allow me to illuminate the clothing items used to protect your nethers.

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Thanks a Ton, Boston Globe: Lax Bros Are Among Us

Today’s Boston Globe article on Lax Bros made me have a full-on allergic reaction. There is so much about it that I hate. Proceed:

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I said a Bang, Bang, Bangity Bang

Bangs. A hot topic of debate, since Zooey Deschanel made them cool again. But now, Nerd McNerdsteins in optometry are whining about them, saying they’re likely to give you a lazy eye. What?


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Twitter Fun: LaxGFProblems

First things first: Last year, I lent my pictures to my loves at GYM TAN LAX. Those pictures are of me, and if they ask me to do it again I will 1000% do it. Sometimes, though, people find these pictures and use them for their own…creative endeavors.

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Youths! The Possum Drinking Game

In New Zealand, the youths of Dunedin have begun to play a drinking game called “Possum”. What is it? Let me tell you?

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Let’s Talk About This Hand Sanitizer Thing

Of course, the buzz of the hour is the fact that kids these days are drinking distilled hand sanitizer because it’s essentially 120 proof alcohol. Kids of the world, meet me after the jump.

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Twitter Sads.

In reaction to my UVA love following the Cuse game:


Ouch! To which I respond:

Go Hoos.

What the What: Cupcake ATM Edition


It’s the week before Spring Break here, so in my usual procrastinating fashion I have just now started to throw out all bread/pasta products and am spending so much time at the gym that (true story) my roommates and I have been invited to karaoke night with the trainers because they think we live there. And then, OF COURSE, I see this ish on Gothamist:

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Well I Just Love This: Sh*t Guys Don’t Say

I (do not) secretly love the Sh*t People Say videos, and this one was excellent for a number of reasons. 1) It is (as most of them are) SO TRUE. 2) So hilarious. 3) Who’s the guy?! I’m serious. Someone tell me who he is. HE is standalone excellent.

This video shows the things that guys- excuse me, STRAIGHT guys- never say and was, of course, dead on. Guys DO never ask for directions! They NEVER ask if you want to be be Facebook official! Your dad DIDN’T actually like him! (Hint on that one: Your dad never will like or respect any guy. And he will remember them all. Especially the one who said he taught himself how to play the banjo. Because that is a thing dads do.)


PS: The day that some guy says “Let’s Go Dancing!” will be the day I marry that guy. …Or discover that they also like guys.