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Don’t Act Like You Wouldn’t…

The best summary of Kanye’s Twitter frenzy I have seen. Period.


If you wouldn’t watch that: you are a lying liar.

What the What Happened with Kanye Yesterday?!

So last night, Kanye West went on a Twitter rampage that had everyone…atwitter.

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Kickers Prefer Brunettes!

PROOF! BRUNETTES ARE THE BEST! We are the motivation to win games!

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Oh No. S*** Single Girls Say.

We’ve been infiltrated.

I have watched every single one of these, but this one had Ryan Gosling mentions (none of which I will confirm/deny are things I have said…) so it shall be posted. I have one million percent said that Liz Lemon is my hero, and most of these things had me wondering if someone I knew made this (Gasp! Fro-yo!).

Here’s hoping that man-chick was right about London. Shim looks like a really reliable source.

[As seen on: BroBible]

Happy New Year!

Post-Christmas Cheer: The Blackhawks Sing-Along!

My friend’s boyfriend sent her this, since he is an actual fan of the Blackhawks and we are fans of the players (most notably a Mr. Sharp and a Mr. Kane). They are so adorable, but holy goodnight they are horrendous singers. To be fair though… we don’t love them for their singing voices. If this doesn’t melt your heart and make you at least chuckle, you are a grinch to end them all. Czech it out after the jump!

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Having to Do Laundry The Day Before I Go Home