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Friends Can Be Funny: Sweatpants

In today’s installment, one of the friends has been having a bad week and is taking it out on her wardrobe. Read on!


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The Timeline of Sunburn

On vacation this week, and that vacation is somewhere sunny. This means, since I’m with a group of girls, that we are spending most of it frying in the sun to come back to our pasty island nation (England) with tans. This went very wrong for one of my travel mates, who now is the exact shade of crimson that many lax teams are trying to find for their kits. And so, I’m going to outline for you all the process that leads to the horror of giant sunburn.

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Marry Me: Dave Franco

Photo Cred: Complex Magazine and Jezebel

I don’t know if any of you watched Scrubs until the bitter end like I unfortunately did, but I swear I had a very good reason: Dave Franco. He played Cole, an entitled jerk doctor blah blah blah he was gorgeous. It’s a crying shame this boy is not more famous, since he is after all the brother of chronic overachiever James Franco.

I mean, can someone figure out what’s in these genes?! This doesn’t even seem fair. Anyway, Franco the Younger is breaking out on his own, starring in 21 Jump Street and as one of the faces of GQ’s first ever Style Bible. Do you have any idea how hard it must be to stand around in GQ next to John Slattery and be the hotter one?

It’s nearly impossible, but he manages to pull it off. He can rock scrubs, suits, hoodies and the movie version of shapeless high school gym clothes (cameo in Superbad, don’t think I didn’t notice).

A rare talent in someone with a rare smile. Marry Me, Dave Franco.



From the excellent, excellent Chase: Dave Franco doing the dirty…with himself.

Boy Bands: They’re Back and They Hurt So Good

Being in the UK, I’ve noticed some weird things. The teeth thing? Not a joke. People can be gorgeous but with dental work that looks like it dates back to Stonehenge. Ankle boots. People here are mad about them, but somehow if I wear them, I look like an extra from Lord of the Rings. (I’m kidding of course, I rock the bejeezus out of those suckers.) Tea. Is. Everywhere. Cider? Also not a joke. Tastes like apple juice, but can end a night with alarmingly similar results to tequila. ANYWAY! The strangest part of the UK is about to cross over into America, so don’t say I didn’t warn you: Boy Bands.

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STX is Winning London

I was lucky enough to be able to check out the newest gear from STX a couple of weeks ago, but was faced with a conundrum: how does a lax babe stranded over in merry olde England celebrate these new spring threads without her wand?

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Twitter Sads.

In reaction to my UVA love following the Cuse game:


Ouch! To which I respond:

Go Hoos.

Jammy Jams: Young Hearts Wanna Beat On Their Own

This Jammy Jam is brought to y’all by lady DJ duo out of NYC Jane Doze, who I’m MAD that I’m just finding out about…right after leaving NYC. Anyway, they’re amazing, and this song  rawks. Jammy jam on, readers.

(h/t College Candy Tumblr)

Traditional Strings Wants To Give YOUR Club Team Eyeblack!


I think it’s no secret that I love eye black. It’s effectiveness can be questioned all the live-long day, there is just something about that warrior paint that gets fans going. So imagine my excitement when my friends over at Traditional Strings alerted me that they’re holding a contest to outfit a team with FREE eyeblack! The whole team! Fo free! Find out more after the jump!

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The Aftermath

The birthday has come and gone. Yesterday, when returning to my flat after shopping, my doorman mentioned that I looked tired. “Yup, just celebrated my 21st birthday!”

His response: “Well, I guess every birthday is a reason to celebrate. Is 21 important?”


Things People Say To You On Your 21st Birthday

Yes, I am experiencing a milestone birthday today! Woo! So excited, and as a result, I’ve told everybody I know. As with every birthday of significance, there are things that people are basically programmed to say. So here they are:

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