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Weddings Are A Trap

I went to my friend’s sister’s wedding this past weekend (who just so happens to be my friend, too. Lurve you Amanda!) And I came to this conclusion: Weddings are a trap. They’re held in a beautiful place, the bar is open, you get to wear beautiful dresses, and there’s all night dancing, and once the cool friends start doing it, EVERYONE’S going to want to start. I’m on to your tricks, weddings.

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Monday Morning MonBro: It’s Going to Be a Dope Ass Day

My first American weekend back consisted of sitting around my the pool doing nothing, spinning, and featured a cameo by Chipotle. U-S-A! U-S-A! HEADLINES!

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Monday Morning MonBRO: My Boy’s Wicked Smaht

I spent this past weekend in Bawston celebrating my lovely pal’s birthday. So Happy Birthday Jillian, you beautiful tropical fish, and let’s see what ELSE happened this weekend:

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MonBro’s Word of the Day: Dragons

dragons (n.): a group of people who are entirely undesirable to be around. Examples include: large groups of drunken guidos, everyone at the DMV, (according to some) NARPS at the gym, bachelorette parties, most hipsters, anyone wearing a cowboy hat who is not a cowboy, people dressed (completely unironically) like the cast of Revenge of the Nerds, etc. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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